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Every morning: perfect timing –freshness –quality

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Every morning: perfect timing –freshness –quality

Mediblea Trasporti

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Ogni mattina: Puntualità - Freschezza - Qualità

Logistic services for mass market retailers

Logistic services

Providing its services in Sicily and Calabria, Mediblea is a reliable partner for the companies that need to transport their goods. The wide and new generation vehicle fleet with GPS trackers, the tracking system to follow the goods and the insurance that covers the total value of the goods guarantee high quality services. In addition to the transportation, it offers also the opportunity to store your goods in the company’s warehouse. The orders and shipments are managed through modern systems and equipment, which optimize time and costs.

About us

Temperature controlled transportation

Mediblea Trasporti has been carrying goods for hire or reward for 14 years in Ragusa with the opportunity to pick up and deliver the goods all over Sicily and Calabria. Created from the fusion of two companies, which already worked in the same industry, it may count on its operators’ more than 30 years of experience.
The company organizes transports for small and big clients in various sectors, but it is especially focused on mass-market retailers. It counts on a vehicle fleet with many isothermal vehicles for temperature-controlled transportation, especially fresh food. The company’s employees are trained to work in the logistics with modern systems and equipment to manage the storehouse and the transportation.
All services are insured against all liabilities, covering the real value of the goods.
Mediblea guarantees perfect timing, freshness and quality every morning!

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Mediblea Trasporti logistic services for MMR Sicily –Calabria

Every morning: perfect timing-freshness-quality



We guarantee reliable and on time transports for hire or reward with pick up and delivery in Sicily and Calabria. Thanks to the modern and isothermal vehicle fleet we provide totally safe temperature controlled transports.

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The company provides logistic services in Sicily and Calabria. We guarantee precise, punctual transports without accidents. We furthermore offer the opportunity to store your goods in our storehouses and we efficiently manage every order.

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The company’s goal is to provide reliable transportation services to small and big companies, especially mass-market retailers. We pick up and deliver the goods in Sicily and Calabria.
Our services are flexible and completely customizable, according to your needs.


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For info about our services or quotes, please contact Mediblea Trasporti calling +39 0932 256225 or write an email to Our team is completely available and will get back to you as soon as possible.